Word Mania 2016 is finished.
Congratulations to all players!

Over $100,000 in prizes!

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LiteracyPlanet customer schools were 50% more likely reach the top 10 on the Word Mania leaderboard!

Join the over 15,000 teachers and 260,000 students who have had fun improving their word building skills playing Word Mania and are using LiteracyPlanet.

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“The students can’t wait when they get to school to play Word Mania during our literacy session. Some are even leaving their homework on LiteracyPlanet to instead increase their personal best score on Word Mania. Thank you for having a game available for my class this year. It is encouraging them to work on their words and increase their vocabulary.”

M. Koehler, Year 5 Teacher, QLD

“Our class has enjoyed being part of the Word Mania competition. Our class wants to achieve a place on the leaderboard and win some prizes for our school. Thank you for recognizing our class as Word Mania legends. This has inspired the class to keep improving.”

T. Lack, VIC

“There has been a buzz around the school over the last few weeks as the children have been participating in LiteracyPlanet’s Word Mania. Students in grades 1-6 quickly finish their work as fast as they can so they can play Word Mania. Word Mania is a brilliant game for encouraging word building skills such as creating word families, identifying rhyming and root words and adding prefixes and suffixes to words to extend them. When a classmate has achieved a high score, their peers will them to do even better and inspires all other students to keep having a go; what a wonderful way to build a positive and encouraging classroom atmosphere.”

P. Jorgensen, QLD

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